Why Proper Waterproofing is Important to Maintaining Your Sundeck

October 29th, 2014 | in Panorama Glass Blog

Your sundeck is not only a great place to entertain, relax, and enjoy your surroundings, it’s an investment that adds value to your home. Keeping your sundeck well maintained and in good repair means your investment retains all of its value, and your deck remains in its rightful place as an often enjoyed highlight of your home.

Moisture: The Primary Culprit

Because it is an outdoor space, your sundeck will be exposed to the elements, including plenty of water. Areas of stress on the deck, such as places where boards join together or on boards that are not entirely straight, attract moisture from rain, snow, dew, and from manmade water sources like hoses and sprinkler systems. Even walking around on the deck with wet feet can add to moisture problems!

Regardless of its source, if water permeates into your wood deck it can greatly affect the safety of the structure, necessitating costly repairs or even a partial or complete deck replacement.

Worse yet, water damage on a sundeck can travel to adjacent structures or fixtures, spreading the problem across your home.

Water damage can also take away the beauty of your sundeck. Moisture strips the wood materials of their colour and lustre, leaving your formerly gorgeous deck a dull and dingy version of itself.

What to Do?

Keeping your sundeck safe from water damage is as simple as ensuring your waterproofing is well done and up to date. A good sealer product will keep moisture out of your decking material so you can get the most durability and beauty out of your sundeck. When applied by an experienced contractor on a regular basis, decking waterproof sealer will do the trick.

Try dripping water onto your deck — if it does not bead, it may be time to waterproof with a quality sealer product, and for best results you should contact a contractor to professionally apply the sealant.

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