Why Purchase Glass Railings?

September 17th, 2012 | in Frameless Glass Railings

Building a glass deck or using glass railings is really all about getting back your sight line.  Keeping things in glass means you get to see the lovely views available around Vancouver. Many Vancouver home owners, and businesses, are putting in glass railings and other glass features as a way of bringing a modern and unobstructed view to their surroundings.

Glass that is used for deck railings will have been safety tempered, this means that it is shatter resistant.  The edges will have a clean polished look and there are a wide variety of tints, bevels, thicknesses, finishes, and edges to choose from.  All of these choices mean that your glass railings will be completely unique.  Glass tints come in a wide range of colors, like bronze, blue, green, and the more typical grey.

It is important to understand that because of the fragility of producing custom glass, creating glass railings can be more expensive than other options.  But it also provides a view and appearance that no other material can offer.

Typically glass railings come in two different forms: topless or frameless glass railings and framed glass railings.  Each has something special to offer and your specific design needs will help to determine which style might better match your home.  Vancouver home owners are using glass more and more in their designs because it does offer such a perfect perspective and interesting aesthetic.

Glass railings also protect against the wind, as well as noise pollution.  It is safe and leaves no room for pets or small children to squeeze through.  They are maintenance free and easy to take care of.  There are no bars or other supports, which leave a clean and smooth design affect.

Overall glass railings are becoming a popular design item for Vancouver homes.  People are literally seeing their homes in a new way thanks to glass railings.

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