Why use a topless glass railing system

June 24th, 2018 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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Homeowners deciding to replace their railings are now facing much more difficult decisions than in the past. It was simpler in the olden days – you installed a nice, wooden railing with slats and railings, painted it to match the building, and resigned yourself that you weren’t getting to see all of the amazing views from your Vancouver home. Even modern railings haven’t found a way to solve some of those old problems.

Now, with the rising popularity of glass railing systems, homeowners are seeing there are many benefits and advantages to installing such a system. Deck railings don’t have to be the same, boring styles of the past.

But why use a topless glass railing system?

The first, and perhaps most popular reason, is the view. Is there any better feeling than sitting on your deck, enjoying a beverage on a beautiful weekend day, and looking out the neighbourhood with almost nothing blocking your view? Topless railing systems are almost entirely glass, which allows the owner to see everything around them. Many people buy their homes for the views around them – why not enjoy them?

Second is the safety factor. There are no slats for kids or pets to get stuck in or climb over. Instead of worrying about having to extricate a limb from within your railing, you worry about cleaning off the finger and paw prints (Which is easier than you think, by the way). Also, the tempered glass in a custom glass railing system is very difficult to break and if, on the rare chance it does, shatters into safe pebbles instead of shards of sharp glass.

Finally, a topless glass railing system will improve the value of your home and make it look modern and contemporary. Instead of detracting from the overall aesthetic of your home, these types of deck railings can improve the appearance.

So come and talk to us at Panorama Railing. We can show you some of the excellent projects we’ve completed in the past and explain everything we can do to improve the look and style of your home.

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