Why you need a glass meeting room

December 18th, 2021 | in Panorama Glass Blog

Meetings are dull even at the best of times. Sitting in an enclosed space, surrounded by four walls, cut off from the rest of the office. It’s hard not to feel cooped up and uninspired. 

What if your meeting room had glass walls? Studies show a number of psychological and physiological benefits of glass walls because they let in natural light. In fact, glass walls have the opposite effect to those listed above. Increasing access to natural light and unobstructed views actually boosts employees’ moods, energy levels, alertness, sense of well-being and more. All this translates into increased productivity. Let’s look at more of the perks a commercial office glass installation will provide.

Natural Light

  • Enhances mood
  • Increases alertness/Better focus
  • Easier on the eyes, less straining
  • Improved sleep = more energy
  • Mentally and physically healthier

A Clear view increases feelings of

  • Connectedness
  • Transparency
  • Openness
  • Cohesion
  • Being part of something larger


  • Feeling of spaciousness
  • Modern and sophisticated look
  • Lighter, more airy atmosphere
  • Brighter, livelier
  • Impresses customers and clients alike

Commercial glazing in Vancouver offers a wide range of choices when it comes to glass meeting rooms. The glass itself is tempered--which is much stronger than regular glass--and is fully customizable. It can be made to fit any size and shape of office you desire. The glass can be frosted or etched with an inspirational picture, a beautiful scene, or the company logo. You can also add colour, or patterns on one or more walls for variation in transparencies. Extra sound-proofing can also be added if required.

Glass meeting rooms are the next step in office design. 

Panorama Glass has the experience and know-how to create beautiful & custom glass meeting rooms for your business.  Give us a call today at 604-862-8955.

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