Custom Stair Designs in Vancouver

Your staircase is capable of so much more than simply bringing you from one level to the next. A custom staircase designed and installed by the professionals at Panorama Glass in Vancouver serves as both a functional aspect of your home and a decorative one —and is sure to be a conversation piece among your guests. At Panorama Glass, we are a one-stop shop offering both design and installation of floating, mono spine, and side stringer stairs.

Floating Stairs

Often considered to be modern or minimalistic, floating stairs are made to look as though they are floating in midair. Certain to be a unique conversation starter, floating stairs are specially designed to offer maximum support and function while also allowing an open and bright feel.

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Mono Spine Stairs

Engineered using a heavy-duty center beam, mono spine stairs are extremely versatile to fit any space. These stair designs are visually appealing and highly capable of handling heavy weights. Often considered to be contemporary in design style, a mono spine stair design from Panorama Glass can be made to compliment any home style.

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Side Stringer Stairs

Side stringer stairs offer maximum stability thanks to support on both sides of each tread. Side stringer stairs offer great versatility to suit any space and offer utmost functionality, even in areas with tight space requirements.

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For more information on custom staircase styles and designs for your Vancouver area home, contact the expert team at Panorama Glass today.

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