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Panorama Glass FAQ

What is the maximum span of glass you can use with frameless glass railing?

Depending on the symmetry or layout, panels of 7 feet would be standard.

What type of glass is used?

Tempered glass varying in thickness from 5mm – 19mm depending on the application.

Do glass railings come in different heights or colors?

Yes. Glass railing systems that incorporate aluminum are available in most any color. Stainless steel is our most popular finish with frameless glass.

Are glass railings safe?

Yes. All of the systems offered by Panorama meet or exceed the requirements set out in the local building codes as well as meet the standards of our engineers.

How do you clean and maintain the glass

There are many products on the market that work well to maintain glass. While we do not endorse any, the old faithful methods tend to be the best. Here are a few helpful tips.

Can you handle non-standard angles and rounded railing?

Yes. One of the best characteristics of glass is that it can be made to fit any circumstance. See our gallery for some of our very best examples!

Can glass railings be used on concrete?

Yes. Glass railings mounted on concrete are very sturdy.

What kind of fasteners do you use for frameless glass railings?

We prefer stainless steel for all of our fasteners. Not only is it durable and strong, but it looks nice too!

What does “maintenance free” for stainless steel railings?

Nothing is truly “Maintenance free”. While some systems require less maintenance than others, regular cleaning will stand to keep your railing looking better for longer. Just like a luxury car, luxury railings require a little love from time to time to keep their beauty.

Do you guarantee your work and materials?

Yes. If there is a problem with our product or workmanship, we back them with respective warranties. If the product has been misused or abused, we cannot do anything.

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