Glass Backsplash Applications in Vancouver

Panorama Glass offers convenient and professional glass backsplash installation in the Metro Vancouver area.

What is Glass Backsplash?

Glass backsplash has been commonly used in European kitchens for a number of years, but is only more recently gaining popularity in North America, especially in higher-end contemporary kitchens. A glass backsplash is made from a sheet of glass that can be left clear or can be painted any colour in order to match the wall or to pop out for a unique look. Glass backsplashes are highly functional and easy to keep clean and maintained.

Glass backsplash is typically glued in as once piece and then caulked around the edges. Installation of a glass backsplash should always be done by a glass professional who has the necessary tools to lift and place the glass without damaging or scratching it.

Benefits of A Glass Backsplash

Equipping your Vancouver home with a beautiful glass backsplash comes with a number of great benefits. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • No Grout Joints. No grout means that glass back splashes are much easier to keep clean in the kitchen. Plus, glass backsplashes don’t need to be sealed.
  • Glass Reflects Light. Because of this, your glass backsplash will help your kitchen to feel larger and brighter. Glass backsplashes are a great option for kitchens that are lacking in natural light.
  • Easy Maintenance. Glass is very easy to keep clean. Simply wipe it down when it gets dirty. This makes glass a fantastic option for kitchen areas where food prep may get messy.

If you are ready to discuss installing a glass backsplash in your kitchen, give our professional team a call today.

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