Overhead Glass Installation in Vancouver

Allow the natural light in to your commercial building with overhead glass installation from Panorama Glass. Overhead glass such as commercial skylights or glass canopies can have a positive effect on mood, productivity and over well-being of both staff and customers. For this reason, many commercial buildings opt for commercial skylights to be installed.

Commercial Skylights in Vancouver

Adding a skylight to your commercial building will make your indoor space feel brighter and more open. Skylights allow in more natural light, which can boost productivity and overall well-being. For this reason, many types of building such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools and office buildings are opting to make use of more skylights than ever before.

Skylights in commercial buildings offer wonderful versatility and are highly durable. Our professional glass installation team can help you to determine the best placement, shape and size for your skylights. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, commercial skylights are available in a variety of styles & sizes.


Glass Overhead Canopies

Glass canopies can help protect your outdoor spaces from the elements while still allowing the natural light to shine in. These modern glass structures are typically used to cover walkways, doorways, decks, patios or pool areas in commercial or residential buildings.

Panorama Glass offers professional overhead glass installation throughout the Metro Vancouver area. Overhead glass canopies can be made custom fit to your space, and with a variety of unique styles. Our team can help you choose what shape, style and framing options will suit your outdoor space.

If you are ready to discuss your overhead glass project today, give our team at Panorama Glass a call.





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